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Beach Hairstyles for Curly Hair

Beach hairstyles are one of the most preferred hairstyles for women who have straight, relaxed and even curly hair. There is something about beach hairstyles that shows effortless femininity and attracts its application, no matter the season or woman. When you spot a woman with this hairstyle, you cannot help, but want to learn how to do beach hairstyles for curly hair. Beach waves are hot and sexy, and most celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Gisele Bundchen and Kate Hudson have used this style to perfection. The following information will show you how to do beach hairstyles for curly hair. For those ladies with curly hair, the first step of how to do beach hairstyles for curly hair is to blowout your hair. By using a round brush, you straighten the hair before creating waves. You must apply an anti-frizz serum on your hair before using the blow dryer; this ensures that the summer humidity will not ruin your look.

Flat Iron Waves

Use a blow drying foam to blowout your hair; you can also use a soft holding mousse. Using the flat iron, clamp and twist the flat iron at 180 degrees while holding the other section of your hair away, flip the iron and repeat the process again. This process should be performed quickly while using medium heat to avoid any dents. On the next hair section, perform the opposite way and then interchange the processes all the way to the end and then check your wave. Cover all hair and then apply paste or pomade and then shake for that wild look.

Beach Curls

Moisten your hair using a spray bottle and after washing, let it partially-air dry. Divide your hair into four sections, these sections does not have to be perfect. Tie them off to separate them from each other and then apply hairspray to each section. The next step is hair twisting; twist each hair section into the direction that you desire your curl to be, keep spinning until it tightens and starts to cool on its own. Coil the hair into tight buns and use pins to keep the hair in place. While still in a bun, blow the hair until it is completely dry, note that; the longer you dry your hair, the tighter the curl will be. Unplug the pins and take the hair buns out of their coil. Separate the curls by using your fingers and later grind to make the hair wild. Spray the hair with some hairspray and you are good to go. By following these two techniques, you have learned how to do beach hairstyles for curly hair.


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