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Dallas Hair Salon

Blow Dry Salon in Dallas

Bliss Hair Bar is the new kid on block, in the beauty industry in Dallas. Here, you can have your hair blown out daily or occasionally, during those special moments, when you like standing out from the crowd and getting noticed. If you are in a rush to work or a meeting and there is less time to let your hair dry naturally, come to this modern blow dry salon in Dallas for quick blow dry and styling. Your hair receives the most fabulous and efficient management. Heat stretched hair is easy to style in different ways. Our professional stylists are up to the task, giving your hair a special touch of skill to your taste.

Why Choose Us

If you are looking for a blow dry salon in Dallas that understands your beauty needs, look no further. At Bliss Hair Bar, you will meet experienced, friendly professional beauticians with the requisite skills to make you look exactly as you want. In fact, you will be amazed at the treatment you receive. You will be left yearning for more and looking forward for the next visit. Our professional stylists listen to you and advise you on the best way to bring out your desired look. You always receive much more than you bargain for.

Save With Our Membership Packages

Save with the Bliss membership package, where you receive two blow dries every month. The package also comes with a free birthday blow out and a free premium make up. Not only that, you will be able to purchase beauty products at 10% less than the quoted price. To spice up the deal, you pay less for any extra blowout you do. Unused blowouts never expire; They are simply rolled over. So, there is only much to gain and nothing to lose with this blow dry salon in Dallas.

Other Services

You may also wish to add a braid to your blowout. It will cost you just a few more bucks, same with pure bliss, the scalp massage that leaves you feeling very relaxed. For the sophisticated town lot, the uptown style will make you stand out and receive those acknowledging looks from all over. You may also give your girl a treat to the precious under age style. You may also be interested in hydrating hair boost, reparative mask service and make up, among others. Visit and sample this blow dry salon in Dallas. Book an appointment immediately or contact us with any queries.


Looking for the best Blow Dry Salon in Dallas? Look no more!
Contact Bliss Hair Bar at (972) 629-9939 to get more information.