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Blowout Hair in Highland Village

This is for the young and beautiful. The pretty girls in the Highlands deserve something special from the ordinary. They deserve a special touch of fancy blowout hair in Highland Village. Bliss Hair Bar was established to provide you with quality blowout services that make you stand out from the crowd. If you dream of that touch of class and style that exceeds your wildest imagination, you are at the right place.

What It Entails

Blowout hair in Highland Village involves washing, drying and styling of your hair. At Bliss Hair Bar, we go beyond the ordinary, giving you a soft and gentle touch that lasts for long. The hair-washing process involves the use of special products that available in our shop at affordable prices. After washing the hair, it is blow-dried in preparation for styling. The styling part is definitely the most delicate part that can make or break your appearance. At this point, you have the leeway to say exactly how you want it styled. Of course you will be advised on the best style that compliments the rest of your makeover. Our endeavor is to give you the most outstanding look you can have, because you deserve the best.

The Blowout Touch of Style

If you are not sure of exactly what you want, relax. We have various classic styles you can choose from. These include blissful, which involves giving your hair a wavy, beach touch; Dreamy, a simple, but no-nonsense straight hair style; Heavenly, which gives your hair a luscious and loose angelic touch; Enchanted, that which makes your hair so sleek that makes you appealing to all and sundry. If you have the big attitude in you, go for the glam girl blowout, which gives your hair soft curls to match it. And you are not restricted to these styles alone; You can make additions to your blowout hair, give it TLC or ask for a massage. Thus, we make blowout hair in Highland Village an easy enjoyable service. Hand over the burden to us and let's take over from there.

Affordable Services

Our budget blowout hair in Highland Village is not designed to burn your fingers. Our endeavor is to help you look as pretty as you can be at very affordable prices. It gets even better with our membership option, which gives you access to discounted prices for blowout and goods in our shop.


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