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Dallas Hair Salon

Hair Stylist in Highland Park

Bliss Hair Bar is a family beauty salon located in Dallas, TX. Not only do they cut and style hair, but they also do makeup and hair treatments. Customers can sign up for a membership, which will offer discounts on the hair products, the haircuts and makeup. They are open Monday through Thursday from 9AM to 7PM, Friday and Saturday from 9AM to 9PM, and Sunday from 11AM to 5PM. If you need a great hair stylist in Highland Park, give Bliss Hair Bar a try.

Hair Services

Bliss Hair Bar, the hair stylist in Highland Park, has several different hair services. The hair services include blowouts, up-dos, and makeup. Blowouts are where they will wash, cut, dry, and style your hair. Blowouts can be in a beach hair style (waves), loose curls (heavenly hair style), big soft curls, a straight hair style with some volume (a no problem hair style), a sleek hair style (a romantic hair style), and a hair style with extra volume. They will add in a braid to the blowout if you want one. The up-dos and makeup service they offer can be done for weddings or other formal events.

Children Haircut Service

Bliss Hair Bar offers childrens haircut as one of its services. The hair stylist in Highland Park will also do a 10 minute scalp massage that will make you feel more relaxed. In addition to the lush scalp massage, Bliss Hair Bar offers two hair treatments that will renew your hair making it lively again. Those treatments are a reparative mask and a hydrating hair boost. Like other hair salons, they also have products you can buy. Those products include shampoo, hair sprays, dry conditioner, creams, and a smoothing balm. You can choose to be in their membership program, which earns you discounts on the products, the haircuts, and makeup.

Family Hair Salon

Bliss Hair Bar is a family hair salon. They offer many different hair styles within their blowout services. They have children's services too. Bliss Hair Bar has special services like the 10 minute lush scalp massage and the hair treatments that will repair your hair. They also do up-dos and makeup. You can buy hair products in the salon. To get good deals on the products, haircuts, and makeup, sign up for the membership. If you are looking for a family hair stylist in Highland Park, give Bliss Hair Bar a call to make an appointment.


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