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How to Do Loose Curls Hairstyle

Curls and Waves for Every Girl

We cant do everything we want, but we can do anything we want with our hair, our crowning glory. We can do virtually anything with it. We can choose to curl it or straighten it out, let it grow long or wear it short, color it or even shave it, all depending on the occasion or our mood for the moment. Its simply all for our own self-expression, fashion statement, or sheer leisure to keep boredom at bay. Let us celebrate womanhood and enjoy one of its perks, our hair. Heres how to do loose curls hairstyle you and your girl friends can try at home.

The Unconventional Bent Bob

Who says having short hair is less fun? If you are fond of sporting a short do, then it shows that you are a bold and daring kind of gal. Even with a bob cut, you can enjoy having chic and carefree curls slightly deviating from the traditional waves. This hairstyle is best for oval, round or heart-shaped faces. Heres how you get the look.

    Dreamy Start by drying your hair with a round brush and a blow-dryer.
    Dreamy Using a large-barreled curling iron, twist only the surface layers of your hair, keeping the ends out for that bent effect. For variations,
        you may use a smaller curling iron.
    Dreamy Top off with a light hold hair spray.


Irregular and Offset Beach Waves

This is a great hairstyle for women with not-so-thick hair. It creates the illusion of more voluminous and bouncy hair. Perfect for women who are round, oval or square-faced, this style has unconventional straight ends that creates the desired effect of longer hair. Heres how its done.

    Dreamy Again, make sure that your hair has been thoroughly brushed and blow-dried.
    Dreamy With a medium-sized curling iron, twist hair going out at the ends for that straight-end look.
    Dreamy Lightly separate hair by running your fingers through it.
    Dreamy A light hold hair spray will do the final trick.


Chaotic, Loose Curls for that Natural Bedhead Look

This one works for all face shapes and hair lengths, and can be pulled off better if you have a layered bob cut.

    Dreamy Begin with blow-dried hair.
    Dreamy Employ the use of a large-barreled curling iron and twist hair in irregular directions to get the effect of messy bedhead curls. In the
        absence of a curling iron, you may use a straightening iron instead for the same desired look.
    Dreamy Finger-comb your hair to lightly separate your natural-looking curls.
    Dreamy Dont forget the light hold hair spray, the key secret to maintaining those loose curls.


Bohemian Surfer Beauty

This looks fabulous on light-layered hair and works wonders for oval and diamond-shaped faces.

    Dreamy As with all loose curls hair styles, always start out with blow drying your hair.
    Dreamy This time, use a small-barreled curling iron, carefully taking small segments of hair to be wrapped. Make sure to leave the ends out
        and away from your face.
    Dreamy This style requires a hard hold hair spray to maintain that beautiful Bohemian style.

As a final tip, it would be best if you finish off with hair gloss to add extra shine and definition to those loose, free-flowing and carefree curls.


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