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How to Get Beach Waves Without the Fuss

When the weather gets warmer, the one thing that comes to most women's minds is smooth and effortless sexy hair. All ladies would like to know how to get beach waves without the fuss of a bending iron. It is easy to get perfect beach waves regardless of the type of hair you have. You can get beach waves with curly hair, straight or anything in between.

The Process

There are many ways on how to get beach waves without the fuss. For this easy process, all you need is some hair (of course), towel and sea salt spray. If you don't have sea salt spray, you can create a mixture of salt and water and put the mixture into a clean spray bottle. Timing is of great importance for this process, the right time to do this is before bedtime. You should towel-dry your hair before going to sleep, but if you choose to do it in the morning, you should start with slightly damp hair.

For those women with straight hair, you don't have to use complicated products and instructions to get the best beach waves, just follow this easy process of how to get beach waves without the fuss of a hot iron. First of all, prep your wet hair with a textured spray, after this, towel dry your hair so as to retain the texture. Use a curling wand to add some loose waves while leaving out the ends for an authentic beach texture and feel. Apply a texturizing cream; only use the cream that has a semi-matte finish to add body.

The beach waves hairstyle has taken most women by storm, it has proven that it is much more than a passing trend and is here to stay, possibly even gain an iconic status. This is a hairstyle that you can easily have in the comfort of your house; you don't have to go to the beach.


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