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Loose Curls for Hair with a Straightener

How To Get Loose Curls For Your Hair With A Straightener

A straightener could surprisingly give you the best and bounciest curls that look way better than ringlets. Once you master the technique, achieving that red carpet look becomes like an everyday thing for you. Here are some helpful tips to help you get those loose curls for hair with a straightener for that look you have always wanted.

Ensure your hair is completely dry

Most people waste a lot of time trying to curl their wet hair when straight from the shower with one of those wet-to-dry straighteners. This is surely a waste of time and makes you achieve nothing. Wet hair normally doesn't curl at all. You could use mousse if you are first blow-drying your hair. This way your hair won't look so flat when curling it because of the volume created.

Use a flat iron

This flat iron should be thin with a width of about 1 to 2 inches. This is because a thick iron would not be able to hold strong curls and even if you manage to do, it wouldn't be easy. For thin hair, you can pre heat the straightener at a low temperature and a slightly higher one for thick or frizzy hair .

Apply protective barrier

This is important to make sure the contact between the iron and hair do not react and leave you with burns or "frizzle". You could use a thermal spray or heat protectant. On application, comb through to evenly distribute the product. Spray works best for thick hair since you capture all the sections and heat can reach the bottom layers if done right.

Divide your hair into sections

This would work for those with thick hair because attacking it in its mess will leave you frustrated. It is advisable to hold up your hair and curl small sections layer by layer from the bottom and edges of your scalp to the top of your head to achieve those loose curls for hair with a straightener.

Alternate between curls and flicks

These are just simple different ways of curling your hair with a flat iron. Flicks are achieved by starting halfway down your hair length then clamp the iron and turn it halfway back on itself. You can slow down the iron if you are looking for big soft flicks. To achieve curls, you can start off close to the scalp, clamp the iron and make a half turn as you turn it back on itself as you run it down slowly to the hair ends. The curls become tighter when you move your iron slower.

Once you are done curling, you can leave your hair as it is or add a little touch up to get the loose curls for hair with a straightener. For the looser curls, run your fingers gently through your hair and tousle it. This will give your hair more volume and give you a more natural and relaxing look. If you need it to hold more strongly, you could add a little hairspray on the curls to keep them stay tight and sleek throughout the day.


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