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My Favorite Prom Hairstyles

Prom night is every young girl’s dream, well at least a forerunner to her future wedding day of course. This magical night is unlike any other. It is an iconic turning point in their young lives where they can somehow channel their girlish fantasies to dress up as princesses. It’s not every day that they are officially allowed entrance to the school premises wearing an intricate ball gown and full make-up. To make your prom night close to perfect, here are two of my favorite prom hairstyles.

The Princess Merida Hairstyle

This hair style tops my list. With these loose curls hairstyle, prom night will surely be a night to remember. If you are lucky enough to be born with naturally thick and free-flowing locks, then achieving the Princess Merida look will be very easy. This hairstyle channels this Disney princess? bravery and free spirit. You can spend your prom night with all the fun and comfort at the dance floor without having to worry about ruining your hair do. With this voluminous, bouncy and carefree hairstyle, you can cherish every moment of your prom night worry-free. This natural and more casual look is perfect for balancing out an extremely elegant dress. Here’s how you can achieve the look.

    Dreamy Wash your hair with your favorite volumizing shampoo and towel dry.
    Dreamy While still damp, spray your hair with a thickening spray. Try Bumble and Bumble?s thickening spray.
    Dreamy Dry hair with a blow-dryer and a round brush.
    Dreamy Securing your hair back, put hot rollers in one section of hair at a time. Wrap approximately two inches of hair around a
        medium-sized hot roller, clipping and letting it sit. Carry on until all sections of hair are rolled.
    Dreamy Once cool, take the rollers off.
    Dreamy Finger-comb your hair to give volume and bounce to your Princess Merida curls.
    Dreamy Finish with a light hold hairspray.


The One-Sided, Glamorously Loose Waves

With the perfect one-strap or strapless dress and, of course, the perfect make-up, your luxuriously loose waves are icing on the cake.

    Dreamy After washing, spraying, blow-drying and brushing your hair, part your hair to the desired side.
    Dreamy With your hair secured to the back, leave out a portion to start curling.
    Dreamy Use a 1 and ?-inch curling wand, wrapping each portion of hair. A curling wand is so much easier to work with than your traditional         curling iron. It has no clip, making it more manageable. Try the 31-mm clipless curling wand by Enzo Milano.
    Dreamy Once done curling, take portions of hair from one side of your head, pinning them loosely at the back of your head slightly lower than         the crown area. Don?t worry about perfecting it. The loose curls around the pins will cover any flaws.
    Dreamy Soften the curls by gently running your fingers through them.
    Dreamy Never ever forget that light hold hair spray.

Not everyone is blessed with lusciously thick hair. If you happen to have thin locks, don’t worry. You can still get those princess curls with the help of clip-on hair extensions, which are quite budget-friendly. However, do make sure to buy real and authentic human hair, as the synthetic ones don’t curl.


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