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Permanent Hair Straightening Salon in Highland Village

Bliss Hair Bar the Best Hair Salon in Highland Village

Have you always wanted the sleek look of straight locks without all of the hassle of spending hours each day straightening your hair? Bliss Hair Bar is the industry's top permanent hair straightening salon in Highland Village and the greater Dallas area. With a visit to Bliss, your "ready-to-go" super-straight hair promises to be the envy of all your friends. A trip to Bliss for permanent hair straightening is an exciting first step to a new look. Permanent straightening gives you the confidence that your hair is straight, all the time, when you want it. Perfect locks in a Texas summer storm? You got it. Late for the gym or an important meeting? You won't need to fuss about your hair.

Our permanent hair straightening salon in Highland Village offers straight hair that lasts, so you can decide if you like your new look. Try it out day to day and see if its hassle-free maintenance works for you. Experiment with new styles or wear it down and glamorous. Straightened hair keeps its look for several months, depending on your hair's unique features. Our professional beautician experts at Bliss have the latest training in techniques and products for hair straightening. We apply products in a way that nourishes hair while it straightens. We'll also take the time to educate you on how to properly care for your new, gorgeous locks. Our permanent hair straightening salon in Highland Village not only straightens your hair, but teaches you how to maintain your looks. This way you can show off with confidence.

On the day of your service, we'll wash your hair, blow it dry and use heat to lock in special products that straighten the hair and hold it in place. After your service, it's important not to wet your hair or use a hair tie for three days in order to give the products time to lock into place. After three days, wash your hair and condition it thoroughly. We'll discuss with you what products to use and how often to use them. Regular hair trims helps ward off frayed ends and keep hair stunning for months to come. Even eating a healthy diet can help lock in your hair luscious locks. And while you're at Bliss, check out all of our other services, tailored to your busy and glamorous lifestyle. We offer professional makeup applications, styling, haircuts, coloring and repairing treatments. A day at Bliss is an experience. We strive to offer the highest in customer service and the best in beauty. Let us impress! We think you'll agree that we're the best permanent hair straightening salon in Highland Village.


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